How to send a Gmail  

Step 1: Go to Google home page or click on the Gmail app if you’re on your phone see images below 

Step 2: Click on the Gmail word on the top right hand “Gmail”.  

This will open your Gmail inbox if you’re logged in. 

 If you are not logged in; you’ll need to enter your email address and password when asked. See image enter your email and press next then enter password and press next and you will be on to the next step. 

Step 3: The images below are what your email will look like “A” is on a laptop or desktop and “B” is for Phones 

Image A Display                                                                              Image B 

If your display is like image A click on “Compose” top left of the image and if your display is like  image “B” click on the “Red pen” at the bottom of the screen some phones may appear slightly different it maybe a blue pen on the top. 

Step 4: Start your email by first adding the email address in the “To” text box then a subject and then the contents of your email and then press the button send or sometimes it will be an arrow button see images below. 

Recipients is where you put the email example 

Subject is where you let the person/company know why you are email example “Complaint” or if it was about an ad on done deal about a dog the subject would be “Dog”. 

The contents of the email should be put where the big x is this is the same as a regular latter it may be formal or informal depending on who you are sending the email to. 

Image A                                                                                    Image B 

To send the email you will need to click “Send” see image A or image B the arrow  

To send an attachment of a photo or a file you will need to click the paper clip logo this will give you access to all your files and folders in your device and you will need to click select to attach file. 

To Delete the email, you are writing click on the bin logo on the bottom right 

Extra notes: If you want to CC (or BCC) someone, click the Cc (or Bcc link) on the right side of the “To” text box and then enter the person’s email address in the “Cc” (or “Bcc”) text field that appears. 

Where to find what you are looking for in a Gmail  

Image One                                                                         Image 2 

Image 1 Icons 

Compose: Is where you start an email  

Inbox: Is where your emails are, they will be Black Bold if unread and Light Grey after they are read, you can see by the image above they have 1 new email. 

Starred: When you star emails in Gmail, you mark them as important. 

Snoozed If you don’t have time to read or respond to an email, press the snooze button and you get back to it later. 

Sent Is where all your sent emails are this is handy if you are unsure if the email went just check in here. 

Drafts Is where emails you wrote but didn’t send are.  

Image 2  

Logout How to logout click on the M logo yours could be an Letter same location then click logout see image 2 . 

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