What is Facebook? 

Facebook is a social network tool that allows you to find people you know based on where you live, work, or go to school. Then you can share all sorts of things with them, including videos, pictures, news stories, or just what you’re doing today. You can also get updates on things that you like or find important, organize events, play games. 

  Press on Facebook app or type in www.facebook.com 

To sign up fill out the form and click sign up  

Now you can add a profile picture by clicking add photo and you can upload a photo from your computer. 

To add Friend type in their name into the search bar. A list of names will appear .Click on the profile that is your friend and click add as friend on their profile . 

If you would like to post on Facebook click on your profile  

Click into what’s your mind and type what you would like to post  

Click on Post  

If you see a friend post and would like to comment click on comment and type in your response 

Press Enter and your comment will appear under there post. Remember their friends can see this post so be careful what you are writing. 

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