Career Preparation


This module aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competencies to source and secure suitable…


This module aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competencies to source and secure suitable employment or further education/training and to succeed in the workplace environment.

Aims & Objectives

  • To explore appropriate work opportunities and/or further education and training opportunities
  • To develop an understanding of personal profile, including the identification of possible gaps, and match it to appropriate occupations
  • To plan and prepare for entry into the workplace at an appropriate level to personal profile.

     Course Content

  • Describe the basic principles underpinning career preparation, to include the concepts of work, career, and planning
  • Distinguish between different types of work such as full time, part-time, temporary/contract, and casual work
  • Describe local or foreign work opportunities, including sources of job information, vacancies, types of work, Europass, emigration supports, and work visa requirements
  • Identify local training and education opportunities including education and training programmes, access routes, certification offered, and progression possibilities
  • Compile a personal profile by exploring interests, skills, talents, personal qualities and characteristics, values, achievements, employment preferences, goals, and matching personal characteristics to possible careers
  • Identify preferred personal qualities for workplace employer and employee
  • Practice a range of personal interactions typical of work situations including initiating and maintaining conversations both formal and informal, listening, following instructions, clarifying instructions, contributing opinions, assertiveness skills, and personal care
  • Describe changes that may occur during a working life, including moving to a new position and unemployment, the difficulties associated with change in employment and how to cope with them
  • Prepare to participate in the workplace by using job seeking skills to source a suitable job advertisement, apply by CV and cover letter for the position, participate in a simulated interview, and evaluate own performance.

Please Note:

This course is offered free of charge to social welfare recipients subject to a minimum number of participants.


Michelle Hayes (Trainer)

EDI – Teacher Training FETAC Level 6 -Train the Trainer Michelle has been a trainer for the past 3 years. During this time, she has been involved in training groups from Cuan Mhuire Rehabilitation Centre, Bruree and the CV Writing and Interview Preparation course in Cork City and Newmarket, Co. Cork. Michelle has extensive experience in helping learners prepare for the workplace by producing compelling CVs and Cover Letters, and instilling confidence by sharing her Interview Skills. She also has a very good knowledge of the educational progression options in County Cork.

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