Download snapchat onto your phone. 

Sign up to create a new account. 

Sign up with your email address and create a password.  

Enter the correct the date for your date of birth.  

  1. Enter your telephone number so as Snapchat can verify your account. You will receive a text message containing a code to activate your account.  

Snapchat will also ask you to accept the terms and conditions. Click on accept.  

  1. This is your main screen-this is the camera mode. 

A little ghost on the top on the top allows you to navigate to your profile. Here you can see how many friends you have. 

Tap on the big circle to take a photo. 

Hold the button down for longer too take a video.  

The bottom left icon takes you to the chat window (1 new message) 

The bottom right icon take you to Stories & Discover page. (2 new stories) 

  1. Snapchat will take you either to the camera screen or to this window. This is your history of chats. 

To add new friends or start chatting, click on the icon in the top left hand corner. 

  1. This is where you choose who to chat with.  

This is a list of friends who are available on snapchat.  

Click on one of them and a new chat window will open.  

  1. This is how your chat window looks. Start typing and send.  

You can send a snap with text on it. Press the yellow button for the camera.  

Your message will appear immediately in the chat. 

  1. This is how snapchat looks when you want to send a snap to someone. 

After clicking the yellow button, the text appears in here. You can edit the text further by click in the “T”. 

Swipe right for funny filters. 

Swipe or click on the arrow in the footer to send to your friend! 

  1. Click on the little ghost on the top and your profile will appear 

Click “added me” shows how many new friends you have 

Click “Add friends” open a new window to find friends 

Click “My Friends” goes to the list of all of your friends 

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